Uncovering The Story Behind Every Risk Is Key

Dan is our Motor Trade underwriting manager, with over 12 years’ experience...

...In the motor industry and 15 years in insurance. Euna is an MGA– we are not a black and white underwriting company. Everything has a story and Dan is willing to listen and work with brokers. He enjoys working with smaller brokers with ambition. He has fantastic relationships with his brokers, some he has known for 10-15 years.

“People are not just pieces of paper and boxes ticked on a form. That’s why I look for the story. The more detailed the story, the more confidence I can have – both in the broker and the risk. I believe in rehabilitation, as long as the client is honest from the beginning. If they are honest, and they were 19, and made a mistake but learnt the lesson and can prove they have embraced positive change - then I think the risks I am prepared to underwrite have a responsibility to reflect that change.”

Dan Body

Underwriting Manager

Motor Trade