Life Is Not Black And White, And Neither Is Business

“It’s often about that grey area for me – on paper a risk might not immediately look appealing, but I look for the story, and if it makes sense then I’ll do my best to write the business. We find solutions.

Sometimes we will walk away, of course.  But if you work with brokers who take their time, ask questions and gets to know their client and their client’s story, then the details paint a picture that can bring a business to life. People are not just pieces of paper and boxes ticked on a form. That’s why I look for the story. The more detailed the story, the more confidence I can have – both in the broker and the risk.

We’ll look at adverse claims history and convictions. I believe in rehabilitation as long as the client is honest from the beginning and can prove they have embraced positive change. Those are the types of cases some insurers will look at the box ticked on a form and say they don’t want to even consider it. Well, I don’t think life is that black and white.”


Dan Body

Underwriting Manager

Motor Trade