Better Communication Makes Better Business

 “I speak regularly to the brokers I trade with, so they understand what we offer and our appetite for business.  Because of our close relationship they make me a better underwriter and I help them become better brokers.

I want to get on with them. Let’s be honest – nobody wants to be bored, and I am proud of the fact that I am comfortable talking about life and business over a pint with the brokers I work with.

Personality is important – good business relationships are built on trust and communication.  I need to be able to work together with a broker; maybe say “I’m thinking of doing this product”, research ideas together and whether it has a market - and together we can deliver what our market needs.  That kind of collaboration can only happen through trust.

I look after the reputation of my brokers and vice versa. Good communication and trust makes for better business.”

Dan Body

Underwriting Manager

Motor Trade