Making Brokers Better

“Our affinity with our brokers is our lifeline and we maintain healthy relationships so we can meet our long term vision for Euna. We work with a select number of brokers who share our values.  That's why we take the time to listen to what brokers need from us and produce an innovative offering.

We share information with brokers to build better working relationships. It doesn’t make sense to keep knowledge.  We’ve got a good working network of brokers.

From a broader perspective, across Euna we are always learning.  Our close relationships make us open to learning from our brokers, so we can understand areas where we need to improve and do.

If there’s a better way of doing something then we should be doing it: we should always be looking to improve our service, our underwriting and our products. It’s all about sharing knowledge – that’s what we do."

Dan Body

Underwriting Manager

Motor Trade